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1977 CADAC G Series

CADAC G Series 44 channels inc sidecar
CADAC G Series 44 channels inc sidecar
CADAC G Series 44 installed in a studio
CADAC G Series Double Patchbay
An example of a reconditioned G Series, now in Scandinavia
Sales price
SOLD Good News : This gorgeous old console has been sold to a client in California to a musician whose producer father used to use it at Decca studios in the 1970's

Dan & I have managed to find somebody in the US to purchase this piece of history and lovingly recap and refurbish it and put it where it belongs, in a studio control room

For those Cadac fans out there this is a magnificent 44 input - 32 group Cadac G Series recording console with side car and a double B Gauge patchbay. This console was manufactured for PYE records in 1977. After leaving PYE this console went abroad and was working in a studio in Iceland until it came back to the UK 3 or 4 years ago.

We recently sold this 1977, discrete console to Dan Alexander, a US dealer who we have dealt with for almost 40 years, Dan originally intended racking up the discrete Mic Amp & 5 band EQ input modules, however we both agreed that it would be criminal to break up this magnificent piece of history so Dan agreed to drop the price and give me this last chance to find a buyer who will use it, in the end Dan & I worked together to conclude a deal with the buyer.


Quote by US Audio dealer Dan Alexander :

"These Cadac discrete consoles are the best sounding desks I have ever heard, they utilize the same Marinaire input transformers as used in the 80 series Neve consoles, however, they do not sound like a Neve. They utilize unique electronic circuits, and sound punchy like a Neve, but they are very open and clear like an Api.
The 40 volt power supply rails provides additional headroom and very fast electronics that sound incredible."

I have been selling professional audio consoles to Dan Alexander for over 35 years. In the late 70's we sold Dan a Helios Ser No. 001 that came from Olympic Studios, as well as being a dealer Dan has owned studios in San Francisco for many years and is very experienced in all aspects of professional recording. Don Larking

Quote by Bill Price lifted from

"Yeah. I think CADAC desks are the cleanest, best-sounding signal chain that's ever been built. I don't think they've been topped yet for actual sonic quality. They were like no other desks in the world."  Bill Price   Oct 2000.

Bill Price is a very experienced producer / engineer This is his Wikipedia entry :

Bill Price is a producer and engineer who has worked with The ClashThe Sex PistolsGuns N' RosesSparks,The Jesus and Mary ChainThe NymphsThe WaterboysMott the Hoople and Simon Townshend.

Bill also worked with The Who, Pete Townshend told me that he thought Bill Price was a genius and now realizes that some of Bills great work was partly due to the fabulous Cadac consoles Bill had to work with.


We have only ever sold 2 Cadac G series consoles, this one which came from Pye Studios and one that came from Wessex studios, I sold that one to Radiohead. 

Don Larking