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10 CADAC channel Modules with PSU

Anthony Waldron at the CADAC CD1000 rack
CADAC MODULES with the Anthony Waldron PSU
2 Higher EQ Bands
The 2 Low EQ Bands plus the high and low pass filters
Gain Stages
Sales price
Modules from a CD1000 console.circa 1988 Available from stock £4,500 RESERVED

These superb modules came from a Cadac CD1000 console and have been serviced by Cadac specialist Anthony Waldron, Anthony designed the CD1000 along side Barry Porter who has been described as a Genius, in the early 70's Barry designed the electronics for the Trident A Range, a very highly rated console, an A range was sold for £200,000 last year.       

This rack comes with 10 fully equipped input modules each with superb Barry Porter Mic Pre Amps & Line inputs, the mic amps are discrete using 8 transistors per mic input, each module has a 4 band fully parametric equalizer with variable frequency High & Low pass filters. Each of the 4 bands can be switched into and out of circuit or switched to Peak & Trough or Shelving. The complete rack has been serviced by Anthony who also made the low noise psu.

On the rear there are 2 XLR inputs per channel for Mic & Line and a male XLR output per channel. The rack comes with one of Anthony's low noise power supplies plus a Cadac heavy duty power supply cable.

As a matter of interest the cost of a new Anthony Waldron Power supply and Cadac psu cable is greater than the price we are asking for the complete rack, modules, psu & Cable.  

These can provide an excellent audio source for a DAW system or could be used as a side car for a mixer what ever they are used for they will provide an excellent sound source equal to Neve or API inputs only not as expensive. Anthony told me that Cadac only made a few of these racks of modules, they were mainly built for clients who owned SSL consoles but who wanted better mic amps and superior EQ than found on the SSL consoles.

In the 1980's the SSL 4000E series was a very successful console they looked very impressive and had superior automation but they were not particularly admired for their overall sound.


As a matter of interest If you buy a new Anthony Waldron low noise Power plus a new Cadac heavy duty, armoured power supply cable  the combined prices would be higher than we are asking for the Rack, Modules & Psu.  


 From the APRS preview in Studio Sound, July 1988. Cadac were going to show their new CD1000 console : 

CD1000: split operation console with number of channels to customer requirements. Four band parametric EQ with two upper bands both switchable shelving/bell to HF and two lower bands switchable shelving/bell to LF.

Twenty four or 32 output buses. Wide range of options to requirements including MasterMix automation. CD2000: portable console for classical recording in development.