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CADAC J Series Consoles

Cadac J Series Console
Cadac J Series Console
Cadac J Series VCA Faders & Group Faders
Cadac J Series Console
Cadac J Series Console
Cadac J Series Matrix
Cadac J Series Module Exchange
Cadac J Series Stereo Module
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The most versatile consoles ever made, 10 available, prices from £8,000

Loads of options on the Cadac J Series consoles but most importantly Superior Mic Pre-Amps and Parametric EQ coupled with high grade components, and all at reasonable prices.

With our latest arrival from the US we have various console sizes available, from 36 Module frames to 62 Module frames. Unlike any other console available, any module can be placed into any module slot, it does not matter if the module is an input or an output or an Aux master etc. they can all be placed where-ever you like.

The Cadac J Series console can be supplied with basic non programmable modules or with programmable Snap Shot automation or with the addition of a unit manufactured by a Cadac owner, programmable level and mute dynamic automation.

We have 4 types of input modules available :

i/.   Mono non programmable
ii/.  Programmable Dual Mono inputs
iii/. Non programmable Dual Mono inputs
iv/. Programmable
 Stereo inputs
               ( Subject to availability )

All input modules are provided with parametric EQ, 3 band on the mono and 4 band on all of the others, another unique feature is the ability to by pass all of the EQ bands individually, this is done to keep console noise to a minimum. I have been told that the J Series Mic Pres and EQ were designed by Barry Porter who was considered a genius by those who worked with him, the first console Barry designed, along with Malcolm Toft, was the Trident A Range in the 1970s, only 13 made, one of these was sold in the UK last year for £200,000.  

Total Recall : Another Unique feature, all switches and pots on the programmable modules can be stored and recalled provided the console has a CCM module fitted. 


Cadac consoles are in the same league as SSL, Neve, Calrec Etc.

The J Series was designed for theatre use but it also works very well in a recording situation. It provides excellent signal to noise ratio and is equipped with superb Mic Pre-Amps. The 4 band parametric EQ found on the Dual Mono and Stereo input modules is the best ever produced, according to Noel Ram, a long time customer who has always gone for Calrec consoles in the past.

There are various alternatives that we can discuss with you, in the meantime watch the video


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