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ALESIS Midiverb 2

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Over 30 year old Effects unit. User states its like LIQUID GOLD. Just watch the video below PRICE REDUCED TO £ 120

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Great video!
I had bought the original MIDIverb, which one day in 1987 no longer would power up. I had called Alesis, which was about 90 minutes from where I lived, and they said they would replace it if I would make the drive to their offices. They were apologetic when I arrived, and offered to replace it with a MIDIverb II, which was about to be released. I remember being skeptical about their offer! They assured me I would like it better, and when I got home and heard it for the first time, they were right! Was a workhorse for years. Thanks again for the awesome throwback! Those presets were amazing.
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Another great video! I was hoping you would do more videos on 80s studio effects since this is essential to capturing that 80s sound. Music production was really coming into a golden age. Although people now revere vintage gear from the pre-digital age I remember being constantly blown away by records and how much “better” they
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