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SSL 4000 E/G Modules

SSL 4000 Rack of Modules. Rear View
SSL 4000 Rack of Modules. Rear View
SSL 4000 Modules
SSL 4000 EQ
Soundcraft PSU for SSL 4000 Modules
SSL 4000 Faders
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8 x 4000 E/G series Modules in SSL Rack with psu SOLD


This 8-channel SSL 4056G was purchased from Moles studio in Bath, and was part of their console, it has been configured to work with a DAW to and would suit a project studio.

It has 8 inputs, 8 outputs, and an additional 8 tape inputs. All d-sub connections.

You can do all summing, monitoring, sends, and EQ/dynamics as you would on the original console.

The inserts have been disabled, but can easily be re-enable with further wiring.

Includes fully compatible PSU and cover.

If you are seriously interested and would like to discuss this with the owner please send an eMail to and request contact details

Price £6,200