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SOUNDCRAFT 1600 Console
SOUNDCRAFT 1600 Console
SOUNDCRAFT 1600 Console, Group - Monitor section
SOUNDCRAFT 1600 Console Master Modules
SOUNDCRAFT 1600 Console. Input modules
Sales price
1980's studio console 23 into 8 with 24 monitors £ 1,950

For sale on behalf of a client

This is one of the models which made the Soundcraft name, this model was originally designed for 16 track recording and had 24 inputs 8 groups plus 16 monitor returns. Soundcraft designed a double module which provided 8 further monitors but an input and a blank had to be removed to accommodate the extra monitor inputs

This console has the additional module so this is why the console is now configured as a 23 input - 8 group - 24 monitor console.

The 23 input modules have mic & line inputs, 4 band eq with swept mids plus high & low shelving, there are 4 aux sends to 8 aux buses plus routing to the 8 groups which can feed 24 multi-track inputs - the 24 monitor inputs means that you have 47 inputs in Mix.  

This console was working is a commercial studio until December 2023 and is available for a very good price £1,950. 

Take a look at a Soundcraft 1600 on You Tube, the one in the video has an internal patchbay, the one we are selling does not.