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CADAC J Series

CADAC J Series 36 slot frame fully loaded
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36 MODULE FRAME, 24 channels, 12 groups and low noise PSU

The most versatile console available

This console has 36 module slots and comes with 24 Mono mic/line inputs and 12 groups plus 12 Aux buses plus 12 VCA master faders and a very low noise power supply. All for £7,000 plus shipping

The Cadac J Series is the most versatile console on the market, it was originally designed for theatre however we have sold over 40 of them and they have all be sold to studios for recording. They have superior mic amps and an EQ which has been described as " The Best I Have ever Used " by a very experienced UK producer.

The main difference between a theatre console and a studio console is that a theatre console does not have control room outputs however the Cadac J Series has Matrix outputs which serve as monitor sends, they can also be used to quickly set up fold-back mixes and as Aux master sends.   

Cadac J Series consoles can be favourably compared with early Neve consoles as well as API and Calrec consoles for audio quality, they have excellent Mic Pre Amps and a very versatile Parametric EQ section, described as "The best I have ever used" by experienced UK producer however they cost a lot less.


CADAC J Series Features :

Superior Audio Qualityit's the sound I've been after this whole time. I'm a big fan of the pre-amps and eq they sound lush and open. Andy Superfly Studios"

Parametric EQ with the unique feature of being able to switch individual EQ bands into and out of circuit to keep noise to a minimum

High & Low Pass Filters With variable frequency

16 Group Bus sends available on all input modules, dependent on how many group modules are fitted to the console.

The groups send to the max 32 Matrix outputs for monitor and fold back sends as well as Aux master outputs ( We prefer to use Matrix outputs as aux masters as they have balanced inserts as well as metering and level controls furthermore it keeps the price down.

12 Aux Buses available, dependent on how many Aux Masters are fitted to the console however the Matrix sends can also be modified to become aux masters, with this modification all 12 aux's can be used without the need of having aux master modules fitted to the console thereby reducing the cost of the console.

Balanced Inserts Sends and returns on Inputs modules, Group and Matrix outputs

Balanced  Injects on Group and Matrix buses allowing additional signals to be injected into the group and matrix outputs

No Multi-way Connectors All inputs and outputs are via balanced XLR and TRS connectors

Larkings List Racks : The Cadac J Series modules can also be using in the Larkings List powered racks for remote recording, PA etc.



Motor Faders : Used for snap shots and controlled by a CCM. Can also be used with a Mini CCM to provided full dynamic fade automation

CCM : Computer double module used to control fader Snap shots and soft switching 

Stereo Input modules : 


Hear what our Ian has to say about the wonderful CADAC J Series on You Tube