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MCI JH24 Plus Dolby

MCI JH24 Recorder with Autolocator 3
MCI JH24 Recorder with Autolocator 3
MCI JH24 Recorder all lit up
MCI JH24 Recorder deck controls
MCI JH24 Autolocator 3
DOLBY PS3 24 ch Noise Reduction for the MCI JH24
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24 track 2" analogue recorder with Dolby PS3 £ 4,900 RESERVED

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The MCI JH24 is recognised as one of the best sounding analogue multitrack machines available, this machine is in very good condition and ready to use.

This machine was the property of the late Jon Hiseman, drummer with Colosseum. When Jon was looking for a 24 track machine in the 90's he tried every model available at that time, including Studer, Otari, Ampex and a Saturn 824 machines, he chose an MCI JH24, he said it was the best sounding machine for recording drums, in fact he bought 2 of them.

Unfortunately there is no 'hours used' clock on MCI machines so we cannot confirm the hours used however the machine is in very good order and there is plenty of use left in the heads, Jon Hiseman's Temple Music studio was used mainly by Jon for his own projects - the MCI did not get the amount of use that a machine in a standard commercial studio would have got.

The 24 track machine comes with an MCI Autolocator 3 plus a Dolby PS3 24 channel Noise reduction fitted with 23 Dolby SR cards plus cables to connect the Recorder to the Dolby and the Dolby to your console terminated with XLR connectors


Watch Todd at Silo Sound Denver Colorado playing with his MCI machines on a series of You Tube videos. He gives some very good tips, thank you Todd