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PRODYS Pronto 2

PRODYS Pronto 2
PRODYS Pronto 2
PRODYS Pronto 2
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ISDN Stereo Audio Interface £125

The Prodys Pronto range of ISDN codecs with integral terminal adapters are designed to make audio connections via ISDN to equipment using most of the commonly used standards (with the exception of apt-X), in many cases avoiding the need for several separate units. 

D/A and A/D converters 20 bit (+18dBu)
AES/EBU input/output D-sub 9-pin
G711 Yes
G722 Yes
MPEG layer II Mono/Dual/Stereo
MPEG layer III Mono/Dual/Stereo
MPEG Auxiliary data rate 300/9600
Communication interface: Euro ISDN & X21


 This unit powers up but has not been fully tested