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KORG CX-3 With Leslie 312

KORG CX-3 Tone Wheel Organ
KORG CX-3 Tone Wheel Organ
KORG CX-3 Tone Wheel Organ
Leslie 312 for the KORG CX-3 Tone Wheel Organ
Sales price
Sounds like a Hammond B3 / Leslie combination but for a much lower price REDUCED TO £1,250

In my opinion there are very few instrumental sounds that equal the sound of a Hammond B3 (or C3) being played through a Leslie cabinet while the Leslie is changing speed, i t is a very exclusive sound until now - I have recently heard a Korg C3-X being played through a Leslie 312 and it was very close.

The Korg has a single manual and has fewer Draw-bars than the Hammond but it still produces that Hammond sound while the Leslie is changing speed. The Main difference is the cost, a Hammond - Leslie combination will cost you £3,000 - £7,000 depending on model and condition.

BTW. As a rule a B3 will cost roughly £1,000 more than a C3 but the only difference is the cabinet, one has a legs the other does not. The electronics keyboards etc are identical, Boosey & Hawkes, the importers, discovered that there were huge savings to be made if the cabinets were manufactured in the UK so they imported the electronics, keyboards etc from the USA and have the cabinets manufactured here.

Users think that the B3 is older than the C3 and are prepared to pay extra for the B3 assuming it to be older so worth more. The Hammond A-100 is electronically identical to the B3 & C3 but has a power amplifier and speakers built in yet it sells for less than the B3 & C3, how daft is that ? 

This is the Korg CX-3

This is a Hammond C3 with Leslie.

 Similar sounds but the Hammond has more, More Keys, More Features, but costs more, a lot more