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ROLAND VM-C7200 Digital Mixer
ROLAND VM-C7200 Digital Mixer
ROLAND VM-C7200 Digital Mixer Meter Bridge
ROLAND VM-7200 Processor
ROLAND V-C7200 Processor Rear
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Digital Console - Great value REDUCED to £650.

The Roland VM-C7200 is a low costs digital mixer with built in effects, and loads of facilities : here is the Roland description :

Roland Say :

The VM-7000-Series V-Mixing System is the world’s first affordable 94-channel digital mixing system. It is designed as a modular system with separate console and processor(s), connected via a VM-Link cable. This eliminates the need for expensive and potentially noisy snakes, as the processors can be placed near the audio sources. Other system benefits include massive routing flexibilty and extensive onboard effects options. A system includes one console (VM-C7100 or VM-C7200) and one or two processors (VM-7100 or VM-7200).

  • VM-C7200 CONSOLE FEATURES: 25 motorized faders; 2 analog and digital outputs; 2 analog inputs including Talkback mic; Fast access to all channel strip controls; Switches for 3 speaker sets; 100 scenes, 100 locators, 24 fader groups, 24 mute groups; Dynamics on every channel; Realtime Analyzer, Surround Mixing; Full Realtime and Snapshot Automation

  •  VM-7000-SERIES 94-CH. SYSTEM FEATURES*: 16 stereo effects processors including COSM Guitar Amp, Mic and Speaker modeling, Mastering Tool Kit, reverbs and other studio effects; 94 channels of digital mixing; 94 inputs and 104 outputs; 48 R-BUS outputs including options for ADAT, Tascam, AES-EBU; additional analog and direct-to-computer digital I/O connections; 16 buses (can be cascaded or individually isolated to their own processor); 16 TRS/XLR Flexbus outputs for surround mixing and separate sends / monitoring. (*Note that above system includes VM-C7100 or VM-C7200 console and two VM-7200 processors fully expanded with VS8F-2 Effects Expansion Boards and R-BUS options.)

 We Say : To avoid confusion we are selling the VM-C7200 console with meter bridge and 1 VM- 7200 Processor rack with 20 mic and 20 line inputs plus additional I/O which can be seen in the picture plus cable to connect the processor and meter bridge to the C7200 mixer allowing it to be used as a 20 mic/line analogue input console with 8 analogue output groups plus mix outputs ext. There are  also 24 Digital i/o sockets via D Subs

An additional VM 7200 processor may be added to double the facilities.

I have given my description by looking at the i/o on the processor rack however Roland have described the system as providing 94 channels, I assume that is achieved by using 2 x VM-7200 racks which means each rack will provide 47 i/o - this is unlikely so I would assume it is either 40 or 48 i/o per rack or I could be wrong : WATCH THE VIDEO


Watch the YouTube Video, it does look very interesting