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Sales price
250 Watt Stereo Bass Amp £300

Production Period: 1993 to 1999

The SWR SM400S is the legendary amp that made SWR famous; the SM-400S Bass Amplifier provides the power, performance, flexibility and portability needed by the professional bass musician for every style of playing and nearly every situation he/she will encounter. The amp features an all tube preamp section, a limiter using Field Effect Transistors, tone and equalizer controls utilizing Integrated Circuits and two individual power amps employing discreet, solid state devices. The power amplifiers in the SM-400S can be used individually to provide full biamp capabilities when used with the built-in adjustable electronic crossover or can function as stereo, 250 watt power units. If you need more power, the amps can be bridged for 400 Watts @ 8 ohms or 500 watts @ 4 ohms. The SWR SM400S has every conceivable input/output jack you'll ever need and provides huge, clean tone with amazing note articulation, clarity and ultra-fast transient response. For full info/specs, go to the SWR website.

 * All Tube Preamp (12AX7 Groove Tube)

* Two Discreet 250W Stereo Power Amplifier Section (Bridgeable)

* Biamp capable with Adjustable Crossover

* Aural Enhancer

* 4-Band Variable Graphic Equalizer

* Integral Limiter

* XLR Balanced Direct/Line Out

* Stereo Effects Loop