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dbx 160X

dbx 160 X Compressor
dbx 160 X Compressor
dbx 160 X Compressor - Limiter Rear View
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Single channel compressor Mono unit stereo link-able 4 available at £ 350 each

dbx 160X

No doubt about it, dbx made some of the best affordable compressors available in the 1970's and in later years. My favourite is the 160, half rack width with a VU sytle meter. So easy to use and as it was automatic there was no evidence of pumping.

The dbx 160A replaced the 160, it is a full rack width and with led metering rather than the VU meter found on the 160, like the 160 the 160A has automatic attack and release so all the engineer has to adjust is the Threshold, Compression ratio and make up gain

The only difference I can see between the dbx 160X and the dbx 160A is the connections, the dbx 160A has XLR connections whereas the dbx 160X uses a barrier strip plus Jack sockets

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This chap says the dbx 160X is the pros best kept secret