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CALREC S2 Console
CALREC S2 Console
CALREC S2 Console Inputs
CALREC S2 Console, EQ
CALREC S2 4 Stereo Compressors
CALREC S2 Console Groups and monitors
CALREC S2 Console Master Modules
Sales price
36 Channel Console, inc 6 ster comps,.6 or 8 stereo groups from £6,500.


Reduced to £6,500 with 4 groups or 7,500 with 8 groups

36 channel high quality mixer: Suitable for recording or broadcast, the choice of the BBC, SKY TV and other TV Production companies as well as music recording studios

This console is currently available now and being offered at a bargain price.

The 4 bucket frame contains :

30 Mic/Line modules & 6 Stereo Line input modules Total 42 inputs

4 or 8 Stereo output Groups ( only 4 groups shown in the picture but can be supplied with 8 stereo groups )

2 Stereo buses with stereo compressors on the mix outputs

8 Aux buses 4 Mono & 2 Stereo

4 Stereo compressors, 2 x 3678 & 2 3678-2. Can be used on on any channels via a patchbay ( not included )

Phase meter and BBC type PPMs in the meter bridge

Penny & Giles faders throughout,input led meters next to faders

 It has 2 switchable inputs per input module


Just like Neve and Cadac, Calrec consoles are high quality consoles manufacture in the UK