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AA CADAC J Series modules in racks

Side View of Larkings List Rack
Side View of Larkings List Rack
Rack of Cadac J Series Loaded with Dual Mono & Group Modules
Rack of Cadac J Series Loaded with Dual Mono & Group Modules
Rack of Cadac J Series DUAL MONO Modules
Rear View of Cadac J Series DUAL MONO Modules
Empty Rack for Cadac J Series inc Blue Dog PSU
Sales price
Providing high quality signals for DAW and/or Summing. From £999 to £2,900 fully loaded with 10 modules


The Larking's List rack can hold up to 10 Cadac J Series Modules (20 balanced inputs & 10 balanced outputs), the rack is powered by a Blue Dog power supply and pre-wired for Cadac J Series Input Modules and/or Cadac Group/Matrix modules. Comes with Roll Around Trolley.

Designed as a superior sound source for a DAW system they can also be used for summing with 2 group matrix modules and 8 dual Mono Modules. Providing Stereo Mix balanced outputs plus 2 Aux's and stereo monitor outputs.

If you already have a J Series console you can buy an unloaded Larkings List Rack and load it with your own modules for remote recording PA etc. It is possible to link 2 racks to provide 36 switched inputs ) into stereo and also provide 18 direct outputs 

Optional Set Up suggestions :

1/. DAW High quality I/O Modules

     10 Dual Mono Mic/line input modules, 20 balanced inputs & 10 balanced outputs plus balanced insert sends and balanced
     returns. Suitable for use with DAW systems

     The 10 dual mono modules have 20 balanced, inputs each module has a 4 Band Parametric EQ with a variable frequency
     High Pass & Low Pass Filters.

     To reduce noise, Each of the 4 bands and both of the high and low pass filters can be individually switched into and out of circuit

     Price : Rack loaded with 10 Dual mono modules plus Blue Dog power supply-pre-wired for 10 modules
     Inc Roll Around Trolley SPECIAL £ 2,900.

Can also be supplied with a combination of Mono and Dual Mono Modules ask for a quote

     8 Dual Mono input modules plus 2 Group/Matrix Modules Providing 16 inputs to 8 direct outputs for DAW plus stereo Mix         output  for summing. There are also 4 Matrix outputs providing sends to Monitors and 2 aux buses. Each input module           and each group and aux output are provided with balanced insert sends and returns 
     This system can be used as an In Line Mixer with monitoring and aux outputs also provides a super audio source for a
     Price : Rack loaded with 8 Dual mono modules 2 Groups, 2 aux's & Monitor Inc Roll Around Trolley £ 2,950.


      Fitted with Blue Dog power supply and pre-wired for 10 J Series input modules and or J Series
modules £ 999 each 

Dual Mono input modules have 4 band parametric EQ with high and low pass filters. Not only can the EQ be switched into and out of circuit but also each individual EQ section can be switched in/out to keep noise to a minimum. Furthermore the filter frequencies can be adjusted.
In 40 years I have never come across a console with these features.

All Modules and the buses are balanced. All input and outputs are provided with Balanced Insert Sends and Balanced Insert Returns. Mono and Dual Mono module have adjustable input gain pots, the Dual Mono Module also has a rotary output fader

The Larkings List Rack can be supplied with no modules but with power supply and pre-wired for group modules.

Other alternative combinations can be supplied please ask for details

Cadac Modules are used and are supplied with 6 months guarantee, faulty modules can be exchange free of charge for 6 months, the  Blue Dog Power supply is new and covered by 12 months guarantee.

Larkings list Ltd specialize in Cadac J series consoles and we have sold circa 40 in the past 5 years, we concentrate on Cadac because we think they are unbeatable as they offer the best quality audio at a most affordable price.

Cadac J series input modules can provide signals to up to 16 Audio Groups and 12 Aux Groups, the only limitation is the number of Group Modules and Aux masters that are fitted to your J Series console - that was until now. If you do not have 12 aux outputs on your console we have the ability to convert your Matrix Outputs to Aux Masters without the added cost of fitting extra aux master modules.