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NEVE PSM12 Classic mixer
NEVE PSM12 Classic mixer
NEVE PSM12 Classic mixer Equaliser & Aux's
NEVE PSM12 Classic mixer master module
NEVE PSM12 Classic mixer. Gain & EQ
Sales price
12 + 2 Classic discrete mixer. Sold to a client in Belgium

The PSM does not come with inserts and direct outputs as standard so we asked engineer Chris Roberts to install these features using D Sub connectors he also installed 48v Phantom switches.  

The Neve PSM 12 is a great little desk and one of 4 Neve desk top discrete models built in the 1970s, it falls between the Neve Kelso mixer and the Neve Melbourne, the top of the range being the BCM10 

This console was manufactured in the early 70's and is in very good condition. It has been stored very well for the past 10 years we have recapped it and also given it a thorough service so it is now in top condition and ready to be sold.


  • 12 Full inputs plus 2 stereo line inputs, total 16 inputs.
  • 80dB of gain for Mic & Line inputs
  • 48 volt Phantom Power.
  • Phase Reverse
  • High Pass Filter at 50, 70 and 160Hz  
  • 10KHz shelving EQ with cut and boost
  • Mid range EQ with fixed bandwidth bell curve switchable frequencies 400 Hz, 700 Hz, 1K2, 2K4, 3K6 & 7K cut and boost
  • Routing direct to 2 groups or via pan pot
  • 2 aux sends
  • 2 VU meters can  be switched between outputs, play back, monitor and main.
  • Integral Oscillator 4 frequencies
  • External Power supply

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