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Neumann U89 Serial No 9780
Neumann U89 Serial No 9780
Neumann U89 Serial No 9780
Neumann U89 Serial 9803
Neumann U89
Neumann U89 Serial No 9780
Neumann U89 With Stand Mount fitted
Sales price
£1,400 each Or £2,400 for the pair now SOLD

USUAL PRICE £1,400 each however if purchased in our January Sale a pair can be yours for £ 2,400 saving you £400

The Neumann M49 is a large capsule condenser microphone, very similar to a U87 but slightly smaller with a slightly smaller capsule, they have 4 pick up patterns, Omni, cardioid, hyper cardioid & figure of eight. They both come with Neumann stand fittings. Transformer balanced output.

Neumann Say :

The U 89* is a studio microphone for universal applications. The headgrille protects a dual-diaphragm capsule. A rotary switch below the headgrille selects from five different polar patterns. Therefore the microphone can be adapted easily to large sound sources, and those that are spread wide apart, or to sound sources to be recorded at a greater distance. 

The amplifier accepts sound pressure levels up to 134 dB without distortion. This figure can be increased to 140 dB. An additional rotary switch activates a filter that changes the low frequency response either below 80 Hz or 160 Hz frequency. 

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