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NEUMANN Microphones

Collection of Neumann Microphones
Collection of Neumann Microphones
Neumann U47 fet Microphone
Neumann U87, 70's model
Neumann SM69 Stereo
Neumann SM69 fet Kit
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Selection of 70's Neumann Microphones ALL SOLD

How's this for a collection of Neumann microphones :


About 9 years ago these fine microphones were tested and sealed up in their boxes, they were then put into storage until we recently unpacked and tested them. The microphones are in great condition. The serial numbers would suggest they were manufactured in the 1970's Most of them have been engraved with 'PYE STUDIOS'. A couple are engraved with Trident Studios


U87's £ 2,200 inc vat
U47 fet £ 2,500 inc vat.
SM69 fet Stereo £ 2,800 inc vat.