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PMC LB-1 5.1 system

PMC LB-1 5.1 system
PMC LB-1 5.1 system
PMC LB-1 5.Rear View
PMC XB1 Transmission line sub bass
Bryston Single Channel X Over
Sales price
5 PMC LB-1 Speakers with PMC sub bass plus FREE BRYSTON X Over ONLY ! AVAILABLE. SPECIAL £2,500

PMC Advanced Transmission Line Speakers, provide superb performance. This is your opportunity to buy a PMC 5.1 surround system for a very low price. We only have 1 system available

PMC 5.1 monitoring system including 5 PMC LB-1 speakers plus 1 PMC Plus 1 XB1-A Transmission Line sub woofer plus FREE Bryston single channel Cross Over. LB1's chosen by many professionals

PMC Speakers on You Tube:


PMC LB-1 On You Tube.The LB1's are on stands, not sure what the tall ones are. Listening to speakers on your lap top is meaningless however it is interesting to read the comments. .