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CALREC C2 Aux sends
CALREC C2 Channel Gains
CALREC C2 EQ & Filters
CALREC C2 Centre Section
CALREC C2 Fader Bay
CALREC C2 Main Meters
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Recording console suitable for Music or Post. Price REDUCED to £12,000

Listed on behalf of a client.

Calrec manufacture high quality recording consoles used mainly by the BBC, post production & broadcast companies and can also be found in music studios. They provide a high level of audio excellence and are very versatile, they lend themselves for use in DAW studios that require an element of analogue for sound sourcing and summing.  

Here we have a 48 channel / 96 input Calrec C2 console Dimensions :  192 cm wide and 97cm deep

Built in 2001/2002 it has:

48 transformer balanced stereo channels

8 stereo groups

2 stereo main mix's each with compressor limiters

4 VCA groups


A flexible EQ on each channel with filters.

  • HP/LP filters on every channel, each with a choice of three corner frequencies (HF: 12kHz, 8.2kHz, 4.7kHz, LF: 47Hz, 82 Hz, 120Hz)
  • Three-band EQ on every channel with variable mid bell frequency +/- 15dB from 250Hz to 4kHz, high shelf +/- 15dB @ 10kHz or 5kHz, low shelf +/-15dB @ 60Hz or 160Hz

5 mono and 1 stereo Aux send.

The console comes with 5 modern Calrec power supplies that do not have the same issues as the earlier models.

Console connections are on 56 pin EDAC connectors. Each channel bucket uses: (per 12 channels)

2 for the Mic/Line inputs, 1 for the Direct outputs, 1 each for Insert Sends & returns

The center section is similar for the group and master connections, again on EDAC 56 connectors.



The console can be supplied with modifications (at additional cost) 1. Transformer balanced outputs on the stereo groups £1000 (16 Lundahl Transformers) 2. True mono channel operation (£40 per channel) £1920