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CADAC F Series

CADAC F Series
CADAC F Series
CADAC F Series Sub Groups & Matrix
CADAC F Series
CADAC F Series EQ & Aux sends
CADAC F Series Master Section
CADAC F Series Faders & Meters
CADAC F Series VCA Groups
CADAC F Series. Aux Sends
CADAC F Series Aux Sends & EQ
Sales price
Multi Input High Quality Console £8,500

The major consideration with any console is sound quality, the F Series passes with flying colours, then consider the Facilities :

38 Input Modules each with 2 inputs - total 76 inputs all mic or line. Comprising :

33 Dual Mono Modules Mic and/or line each with 2 separate level & EQ controls Switched input send & return on separate sockets & Direct out

5 Stereo Modules Mic or line  with balance control With direct out plus Switched input send & return on separate sockets

8 Sub Group outputs. Switched input send & return on separate sockets, no split leads. Additional Inject via XLR socket

8 Stereo Matrix Outputs. The sub group signals can be mixed into any or all of the stereo matrix outputs, these mixes can be used to provide control room outputs and fold-back mixes etc.. Switched input send & return on separate sockets, no split leads

8 VCA Sub Masters. Each VCA Fader can be used to control, level & mute, any or all of the channel faders

8 Aux Busses. Each send is switchable on/off and pre/post fader.

Comes with NEW LOW NOISE Anthony Waldron Power supply

The Cadac F Series is very similar to the J Series, the most versatile analogue console available. No meter-bridge but all Inputs and outputs are metered, all inputs are Mic and Line. All of the modules on the F Series are fitted with the superior Cadac 4 band parametric EQ. Cadac consoles are renowned for their superior sound, build quality and reliability. We have sold over 20 of these great consoles during the past few years they were manufactured using ultra high quality components.

This F Series has 66 Mono inputs with routing to the 8 groups and 66 direct outputs, plus 5 Stereo input modules with 10 direct outputs from these modules, it has 4 band parametric EQ on every channel, one customer who has been a dedicated Calrec owner for many years referred to the Cadac 4 band parametric EQ as the best EQ he had ever used. The modules also have switchable inserts plus phantom power and phase reverse.

The 40 channels route to the 12 subgroups and each has a direct output, the 12 subgroups can be routed to the 12 stereo Matrix outputs.

Although the F & J Series consoles were designed for theatre however they work very well in a DAW based studio, as well as conventional routing the F Series is equipped with a Matrix system, each of the 12 group modules are equipped with a stereo matrix output these can be used to for control room and studio monitor sends and to make multiple mixes for fold-back etc. The F Series module is equipped with a bi functional switch that can be used for muting and in-place solo. 

Although there is no meter bridge every input & output is metered using hi res led meters, this includes the aux sends.

This desk has so much going for it I would be pleased to demonstrate it to you if you wish to visit, please call to make an appointment to visit.   

Quote from a Cadac J Series customer :

"Hi Don, just wanted to say a huge thank you for introducing me to this console. I absolutely love it!!

it's the sound I've been after this whole time. I'm a big fan of the preamps and eq they sound lush and open.  What a great find, and thank you for your expertise

Cheers Andy
Superfly studios