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GENELEC S30 C Speakers

GENELEC S30C  Speakers
GENELEC S30C  Speakers
GENELEC S30C  Speakers on stands
GENELEC S30C  Speakers Rear
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3 way speakers with stands. Great active monitors for Near or mid-field use. Price £2,300

Great sounding powered speakers, with Ribbon Tweeters and 3 integral amplifiers

The S30C Monitors are great reference speakers that can be used for recording or play back, they sound fantastic.

The Frequency response is: 42 - 25k Hz (± 3 dB)

122 dB SPL (peak) per pair @ 1m with music material

210 mm (8") woofer

80 mm (3 1/2") direct radiating soft cone midrange driver

9 x 65 mm ribbon tweeter

24 litre vented cabinet

Tri-amplified: 120 W, 120 W, 120 W

Electronic crossover and protection circuitry

Built in bass, mid and treble level controls, bass roll-off and tilt controls 

These monitors are in good condition with very few marks on the wood they come with sturdy stands with spikes for accuracy.