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GENELEC 7070A Sub Woofer
GENELEC 7070A Sub Woofer
GENELEC 7070A Rear Panel
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Active Sub Woofer P.O.A.

The 7070A was reviewed in Mix by George Petersen

This is part of what heĀ wrote : The 7070A is the middle of the 7000 Series, with a 12-inch woofer driven by a 250-watt amp. The 7070A could be used with any speakers but was designed to be used with Genelec's 1031A, 1032A and S30D models. The system includes bass management for a 5.1 or 6.1 system, with six signal input and output channels (L/C/R front and L/C/R rear), as well as a dedicated LFE input. All audio connections are balanced XLRs. The onboard bass-management circuitry divides the six (or five) main channel inputs into LF and HF components, which route to the sub and main speakers at a fixed 85Hz crossover.

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