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Grace Design M802 Mic Pres

Grace Designs M802 High quality Mic pre Amps
Grace Designs M802 High quality Mic pre Amps
Grace Designs M802 High quality Mic pre Amps
Grace Designs M802  PSU's
Sales price
2 x m802 8 channel Mic Pre-Amp units £1,650 each

Are these the best mic pre-amps on the market ?

Grace Designs m802 8 channel microphone pre-amplifier, we have available 2x 8 channel units with power supplies

Remote controls are available but not essential, they can also be controlled by Pro-Tools and other devices

Jon Thornton, Resolution Magazine Quote "The m802 shone simply in its total transparency, frankly astonishing headroom and lack of noise even at quite high gain settings "


Grace Designs Say :

The core is a high fidelity 8 channel microphone preamplifier designed to be extremely transparent and musical. But that’s just the beginning. The m802 is fully remote controllable. With our full featured stand alone hardware RCU (optional), up to 64 channels (a system of 8 m802’s) can be addressed and controlled seamlessly from up to 1000’ away. All preamplifier functions, including gain, phase, 48V phantom are instantly accessible and adjustable. These settings can then all be stored into preset locations and instantly recalled.

The m802 can also be controlled directly from Digidesign® ProTools|HD® systems, compatible control surfaces and many other MIDI devices. Working with Digidesign®, we have adapted their control spec to directly address the m802 as an integrated part of a ProTools|HD® system. Additionally, the m802 can be controlled by a wide variety of MIDI mappable devices, making it easily integrated into a wide variety of remote recording situations.