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TC 2240 EQ (1000x233)
TC 2240 EQ Rear (1000x324)
Sales price
Dual Channel Parametric EQ with level match £260 inc vat

Excellent industry standard dual Para EQ in 2U rack format

The CENTER control allows one to pick exactly the frequencyband on which a correction is desired. Note the high 'overlapping' of the center•frequencies meaning that all bands can pick centers in the very useful range 200 to 2000 Hz BAND I : 20- 2000 BAND II : 50- 5000 BAND III: 100- 10000 BAND IV : 200- 20000 The frequency marking is in kilo (1000)-Hertz: .02 KHz = 20 Hz .1 Khz = 100 Hz .5 KHz = 500 Hz

Read the full manual on this link > TC PARA EQ

Vat not chargeable on exports outside of the EC or to EU customers who are registered for vat in their own country, excluding UK customers.