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CADAC E Series

CADAC E Series console
CADAC E Series console
CADAC E Series famous 3 band parametric EQ
CADAC E Series console channels
CADAC E Series console group / matrix modules
CADAC E Series console patchbay
Sales price
30 channel 10 group console

Cadac E Series Console for sale on behalf of a client contact details on request.

Blank modules will be fitted into the 2 slots which do not have input modules fitted and into the 7 gaps in the fader bay


The owner says :

Privately owned Cadac E Series 30 Channel with superb mic pres immediately available . Housed for the last 5 years in a private studio.

The console has 30 groups plus 10 Sub groups plus 10 matrix outputs plus 8 aux buses - it comes with 2 Cadac Power Supplies.  It is also fitted with 5 VCA master faders.

External 19” Rack GPO Patch - (Out to Interface on D-Sub)

Bespoke Console Stand and Racks also available.

Antelope Orion 32 (D-Sub) Interface Available


We Say :

The E Series is similar to the A Series consoles that we have been selling recently, they are high quality consoles designed for Theatre use but work extremely well with DAW systems. 

They excel in 2 ways :

1)  Supplying high quality audio via Lindahl transformers and the Cadac celebrated Mic Pre Amps
2) Providing a superior summing device particularly when mixing your DAW recordings. 

Many owners of 70’s & 80’s Cadac consoles would place them above Neve consoles of the same era, they are extremely well made and provide high quality audio but at a much lower price.


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