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DDA DMR12 Modules
DDA DMR12 4 Band EQ
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56 channel analogue recording console in good order £ 2,950

Description of the DDA DMR 12 :

This DDA DMR12 console has 32 channels equipped with routing to 12 buses these 12 buses can be sent to 24 multi-track inputs or to a DAW via an A/D converter, each channel also has a direct output. Plus 24 Monitor Returns. Up to 88 inputs available on Mix Down

All 56 inputs are equipped with a 4 band Equalizer plus switchable pre/post sends to the 8 aux buses. 44 of the modules have switchable Mic or Line inputs plus a 2nd line input. The other 12 modules are equipped with the same EQ and aux facilities plus group output level controls switchable individually between outputs 1 - 12 & 13 - 24. These modules also have a bus / tape switch enabling the group outputs or the 24 track machine signals to be monitored and mixed through these 12 modules using 12 of the mic/line channels via the second line inputs. Sounds complicated but it is not as complicated as I am making it sound. 

Novel Features : Aux 6 can be switched for use as a level control for the channel direct output. Furthermore Aux sends 7&8 are dual purpose, they can be used to send the pre or post fader  signal to aux buses 7&8 using the level and pan controls however this is the clever bit : they can also be used to provide additional inputs to the stereo bus via the signal on the channel's, non selected, line input providing an additional 56 inputs that can be used as effects returns or to introduce further signals into the mix. This facility expands the console to 112 inputs when using all the inputs via aux 7&8 returns. 

This Console comes with an integral bantam patchbay and some looms, not a full set but enough to get you started, it has been installed in a private studio for the past few years


General : The DDA DMR 12 is a high quality console capable of making high quality recordings, it is very versatile and has features not found on other similar consoles.