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DECCA Neumann M49

DECCA Neumann M49
DECCA Neumann M49
DECCA Neumann M49
DECCA Neumann M49 Front
DECCA Neumann M49. Rear
Sales price
'Special' listed on behalf of a client, Price REDUCED to £ 7,000

Listed on behalf of a client

At the reduced price of £,7000 - this M49 costs a lot less than the original, less reliable, version

The Neumann M49 is a high quality tube microphone with a large capsule requiring a separate power supply and like many other tube mics the sound quality and level varies from microphone to microphone.

Decca Records is a British record label established in 1929 by Edward Lewis the record company specialized in classical music as well as popular music during the 1960's. Decca required more stability in their microphones when recording orchestral music so they modified all of their Neumann M49's and M50's, the omni versions, by removing the Tubes and replacing them with FETs. This mod meant that the microphones matched in sound and level, they were also more reliable furthermore they could be powered by 48 volt phantom powering from the console, no need for a separate power source.

We are listing this microphone for a long standing customer, producer, who owns 2 of them, he told me that he never uses 2 at the same time and as they are very reliable he does not need them both so asked us to list one of them for him. 

If you are interested in discussing the microphone with the owner please send an email to requesting contact info and I will put you in touch with him.