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Neve 66

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24 mono inputs plus 18 stereo inputs POA

Coming in shortly NEVE 66 with 60 inputs.


This is a compact 48 input console with 24 mono mic/line input modules and 18 stereo line input modules with 2 mono Faders per stereo module. There are 4 stereo sub groups plus mix outputs and channel direct outputs each with its own level control and a pre/post switch. The stereo modules can also be used as mono channels. The mic pre-amps are Neve transformer balanced

Each channel is equipped with 4 band sweep EQ plus High & Low pass filters and has access to 8 Aux buses, inc. 1 stereo send.


The console comes with 24 track routing as well as the direct outputs.

It is also fitted with assignable switching providing instant recall of up to 16 switch combinations controlling the Mic/Line, EQ, Aux, AFL & Pre-Post and other switches.


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