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FURMAN PL-8E Series II Power Conditioner

Furman front
Furman front
Furman rear
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10 IEC Outlets and Front Panel Illuminators. £185

The Classic series 'PL' all share a common set of features.

'Series Multistage Protection' provides surge protection up to 6000V and 3000A pulses, far in excess of common spikes. 'Linear Filtering Technology' gives protection against RFI and other induced line-noise. 'Extreme Voltage Shutdown' detects creeping voltage rises that reach 15% over the norm and powers down the system.

There are ten IEC 10amp rear outlets in two isolated banks of five.

The front panel has an LED bar graph power meter, power on/off switch and two pop-out LED lamp units with dimmer control, for illumination of the equipment rack controls.