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BSS Loudspeaker Management System
BSS Loudspeaker Management System
BSS Loudspeaker Management System
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Loudspeaker Management System. £300 inc vat

Minidrive provides all four core functions of the Omnidrive range: crossovers (Linkwitz-Riley, Bessel or Butterworth), mid-band limiters, equalisation freely assignable to inputs and outputs, and both input and output delay. However, by leaving out the more advanced features in the Omnidrive, BSS has achieved dramatically lower prices, ensuring that Minidrive is suitable for a range of applications for which an Omnidrive would simply not have been affordable.

The Minidrive is available in two models, the FDS-334 (with 2 inputs and 4 outputs) and the FDS-336 (with 2 inputs and 6 outputs). The FDS-336 is able to drive a stereo 3-way system, and is expected to find favour in the front of house rack, while the FDS-334 is expected to be at home in the monitor rack. Up to 38 bands of filtering are available in each unit.

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