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ALTO Alpha Mic Tube

Alto Alpha Mic Tube
Alto Alpha Mic Tube
Alto Alpha Mic Tube rear
Alto Alpha Mic Tube boxed
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Stereo Tube Preamp £85

All metal construction half-rack mic preamp, powered from an included adaptor, offers variable tube drive and has combi jack/XLR sockets on the front panel with switchable phantom power.

Outputs are on both rear-panel jacks and XLRs (the jack is unbalanced), and the jack input has a 1MΩ impedance, making it suitable for passive instruments as well as line signals. Other than Gain and Drive controls, each channel has phase reverse and 20dB pad, plus an eight-segment meter.

All in good condition and boxed as pictured.

Read the full data sheet on this link > ALTO MIC TUBE