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JBL 4412

JBL 4412
JBL 4412
JBL 4412
JBL 4412
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3 Way, 150 Watt Studio Monitors £500

Vintage Control Room standard studio monitoring. teak cabinets with removable grilles

The bass drivers have been re-coned.

Good condition all as pictured

JBL say ...

The 4412 is a three-way monitor system designed for demanding recording and broadcast applicab tions. It is oriented horizontally so that it can be easily integrated into control room architecture, or mounted on the console itself. It is provided in mirror-imaged pairs for accurate stereophonic imaging. The 44 12 is capable of remarkably high acoustical

Frequency Range ( - 6 dB): 35 Hz-27 kHz

Frequency Response ( f 2 dB): 45 Hz-20 kHz

Sensitivity: 90 dB SPL, 1 W (2.83 V), I m

Power Rating: 150 watts, pink noise