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AKG Solid Tube

AKG Solid Tube Mic
AKG Solid Tube Mic
AKG Solid Tube Mic
AKG Solid Tube Mic
Sales price
Valve Microphone Kit £450

A large capsule Valve microphone in very good condition

Comes with power supply, shock-mount & case, all as pictured. 

Sound on Sound magazine say :

Why the name SolidTube? Well, AKG's new budget baby combines solid‑state power‑supply circuitry with an all‑valve signal path to provide the warmth and tonal colour of valves at a lower cost. The design starts with a capsule based on that used in the C3000 

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Or compare the Solid Tube against other more expensive condenser mics on You Tube. I think they all sound great however I would keep the mics and change the singer