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SE Electronics Titan

SE Electronics TITAN Microphone
SE Electronics TITAN Microphone
SE Electronics TITAN Microphone
SE Electronics TITAN Microphone with suspension mount
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TITAN Condenser Bass Mic with shock mount £350


"this microphone has a distinct and very musical character."

As a vocal mic, the Titan should suit a wide range of singers and styles, as its presence peak is above that part of the spectrum responsible for harshness, while its subtle flattery really makes for a classy and intimate sound. What struck me most on a subjective level was the spacious and involving sound in cardioid mode, though the silky top end is equally impressive in its ability to open up the sound and enhance detail without adding hardness or sounding in any way brash. CLICK Here to read the full Sound on Sound review.

SE Electronic SAY

The SE Titan is a tranformerless, multi-pattern, Class A FET, 48V phantom powered condenser. It utilizes our specially-developed center-terminated titanium diaphragm capsule creating a frequency characteristic to enhance clarity, detail, and transient response. The Titan features -10dB pad and low frequency roll off switches and is excellent for vocal recording and broadcast use. It is also well suited for miking any acoustic instrument, orchestral to ethnic. Its excellent transient response makes it ideal for percussion.



The microphone comes with a suspension mount but not with the original case that it was supplied with and is a good all-rounder