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NEVE 2252 Vintage Compressor

54 Year Old Neve Compressor
54 Year Old Neve Compressor
54 Year Old Neve Compressor, Rear View
54 Year Old Neve Compressor Full view
Mike Thompson using the 54 Year Old Neve console in Wessex Studios
Sales price
Made by Rupert in 1969 Serviced by Blake 2023 REDUCED to £5,000

Having had only 2 owners since 1969 this is really a special piece of vintage equipment. In 1969 Wessex ordered 2 Neve consoles for their studios in Highbury London, Wessex was on of the top studios in London in the 1970's and recorded many of the top bands including the WHO, Sex PistolsKing Crimsonthe ClashTheatre of HateXTCthe SincerosQueenTalk Talkthe Rolling StonesPete Townshend and many more.

Each of the 2 Neve consoles had 3 Neve compressors built into them. Bass player Leo Lyons was working for Chrysalis the owners at the time and he managed Wessex Studios for them, under Leo's management Chrysalis replaced the Neve consoles with Cadac G Series consoles and sold the Neve consoles, Leo bought one for his home studio, then in 1981 Leo wanted to buy a Trident A Range from Chipping Norton studios and commissioned us to sell the Neve console for him, which we did, we sold it to Californian Dealer Dan Alexander however Leo kept back one of the compressors.

Now 42 years later Leo has asked us to sell this wonderful old compressor for him. We had Neve specialist Blake Devitt look at it and give it a service, when it came to us it had an external power supply and was not in a case, fortunately Blake had a Neve case and power supply for it so it is now fitted into a Neve box with XLR connectors on the rear. 

The price for this lovely piece of memorabilia has been reduced to £5,000.    

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