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Berhinger Euro Rack
Berhinger Euro Rack
Berhinger Euro Rack Rear
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Behringer Euro-Rack 32 Input 4-Bus Mixing Console Amazing Value £150



16 Microphone Input Channels with gold-plated XLRs,

TRS Jacks, Inserts and Direct Outputs. s Ultra-low noise discrete Mic Preamps with +48 V Phantom Power and switchable Low Cut Filter. 

16 Line Input Channels with balanced TRS Jack connectors. 

4 Subgroups with independent Pan control, Solo and Main Mix switches and Inserts. 

4 Stereo Aux Returns with separate Level and Pan controls, Solo and Routing switches. 

2 pre / post and 4 post fader Aux Sends for a maximum effects and monitoring flexibility. 

6 Master Aux Sends with Gain Control and Solo switches. 

24-bit Stereo Multi-Effects Processor with ultra-high resolution 46 kHz, 20-bit AD/DA converters. 

32 original VIRTUALIZER Presets including 16 different Reverbs, Delays, Chorus, Flanger, Pitch Shifter, Speaker Simulation and various combinations. 

Extremely high headroom - offering a huge dynamic range. s Balanced Inputs and Main Outputs for highest signal integrity. 

Ultra-musical and original EURODESK 4-band EQ with two sweep-able Mids and I/O switch on all channels. 

LED controlled Mute, Solo-In-Place / Pre-Fader-Listen function on all channels. 

Mix-B section with separate Level and Pan controls, Mute and Source switches. 

Separate Main Mix, Control Room and Headphone Outputs. 

Extremely versatile Headphone and Talkback section. s Highly accurate 8-segment Bargraph Meters on all Channels, Subgroups and Main Mix. 

Ultra-high quality 100 mm faders for all Channels, Subgroups and Main Mix. 

19 inch Rack Mounting kit included. 

Professional 19 inch external Power Supply ensures superior transient response. 

State-of-the-art 4580 ICs and high quality components ensure crystal-clear audio performance. 

Extremely rugged construction ensures long life even under the most demanding conditions. 

Manufactured under the stringent ISO9000 Management System.