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BBE DI-100

BBE DI-100
BBE DI-100
BBE DI-100
BBE DI-100
BBE DI-100
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Active DI + Sonic Maximizer £95

Active DI box with integral Sonic Maximizer

All in good condition

BBE say...

The features that make up the BBE DI-100 are:

1. Built-in BBE Sonic Maximizer with independent PROCESS and LO CONTOUR controls.

2. A FUNCTION switch to allow for the comparison of the BBE processed signal to the unprocessed signal.

3. A FOOTSWITCH input mono jack for easy connection to any mono shorting footswitch.

4. 1/4” PHONE jack for signal insertion.

5. Input pad switch for instrument or line level input.

6. Ground lift switch to lift the unit’s ground connection. 7. XLR and 1/4” phone jacks for balanced and unbalanced outputs.

and her is the manual >BBE DI<