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CADAC E Series

CADAC E Series
Sales price
66 Channel console - Including 26 channel side Car POA

We are selling this magnificent 66 channel console for a client, it was originally used in the Show Miss Siagon in the Theatre Royal in Drury Lane in London's West End, the show ran for over 4000 performances after which time the console was removed and spent its time in a recording studio in London.  

I don't want to keep banging on about this but Cadac consoles are particularly good and have a great sound, the A, E & J types were deigned for theatre use but work particularly well in a DAW recording studio.

The E Series is similar to the A Series consoles that we have been selling recently, they are high quality consoles designed for Theatre use but work extremely well with DAW systems. 

They excel in 2 ways :

1)  Supplying high quality audio via Lindahl transformers and the Cadac celebrated Mic Pre Amps
2) Providing a superior summing device particularly when mixing your DAW recordings. 

Many owners of 80’s & 90’s Cadac consoles would place them above Neve consoles of the same era, they are extremely well made and provide high quality audio but at a much lower price.