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STUDER A807 On Trolley
STUDER Butterfly Heads
STUDER A807 New NAB Adapters
OPTIONAL EXTRA Pair of Dolby 361 Noise Reduction Units £300
Kenny Everett Tape
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Professional analogue Stereo tape recorder. Price £2,450. 2 Dolby A361 noise reduction units available for an extra £300

STUDER A807 Mk 1 with butterfly heads in Trolley, Good Condition and fully working

This recorder is in full working order and was the property of a professional audio magazine journalist who looked after it who and did not use it very much while it was in his care. The machine does not show signs of excessive studio use

The Studer A807 runs at 3 speeds - 3 3/4 ips - 7.5 ips - 15 ips

An analogue recording machine running at 15 ips with Dolby A is recognized as providing the highest quality recording available.


The machine comes with a reel of EMI 1/4" tapes which includes recordings of Kenny Everett performing his Captain Kremmen radio show. We do not know where this recording came from, we have had it for over 15 years however it appears to be original judging by the writing on the tape box. When Olympic Studios closed we bought all of the unclaimed tapes, it may have come from there. Play the short video to hear Kenny. NB, This tape will be supplied free of charge with the machine however it does not come with any rights, they would be owned by the BBC presumably. If you do not know who Kenny Everett was watch the You Tube video he was the funniest DJ on radio, he was rude, irreverent and hilerious. 

The machine will be supplied with NEW Revox style NAB adapters as pictured.


We have 2 Dolby 361 Noise reduction units fitted with CAT 22 Dolby A Cards. which can be purchased separately for £300