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CADAC J Type 18 channel

CADAC J Series 18 channel summing mixer
CADAC J Series 18 channel summing mixer
CADAC J Series in/outs Library Pic also shows stereo modules
CADAC J Series summing mixer masters
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These J Series consoles are really something else, being Cadac you already know they sound great but did you know the J Series has superior transient response because it is Transformer-less - however if you are a Transformer fan we can now offer transformers on the inputs and outputs as optional extras.

This 22 slot console is equipped with  

18 Mono Inputs with 3 band parametric EQ ( switchable shelving ) and 10 aux sends 
2 Mono Sub Group modules with stereo Monitor Matrix
1 x 10 Aux master module
1 Osc & Communications module.


Cadac J Series consoles work extremely well with DAWs and they are very easy to install. All the inputs and outputs are via XLR connectors and the inserts use TRS connectors, one for insert send and one for insert return, no special split leads to make up and no fiddly multiway connectors to solder.

If you need something bigger we have 30 channel, 44 channel & 56 channel frames available.


The J Series also has these additional facilities : Channel insert switch selectable pre & post fader. On/off and pre/post switches on all aux pots. Signal inject with its own level pot on every sub group. Variable frequency High Pass Filter with on/off switch on Mono modules, Variable High & Low pass filters on stereo and dual modules. Input level led meters alongside the channel faders. Led metering on sub group, main group and aux masters. Etc Etc.