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SOUNDTRACS Solitaire 40 Channels
SOUNDTRACS Solitaire 40 Channels
SOUNDTRACS Solitaire 40 Channels
SOUNDTRACS Solitaire 40 Channels
SOUNDTRACS Solitaire Automation & Dynamics Controllers
SOUNDTRACS Solitaire Aux Masters and FX Returns
SOUNDTRACS Solitaire Master section
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40 Channel console with Moving Faders. Down to £3,950

SOUNDTRACS 40 Channels - 80 Automated Inputs.

This console is fitted with the optional Motorized fader system. Being an In Line console it has 2 inputs per module, 40 channels = 80 inputs. The main inputs are for Mic or Line inputs and the main channel faders are automated with motorized faders, the main inputs can be routed to the 24 busses and/or the mix bus and also have direct outputs. 

The secondary ( Monitor ) inputs are used to monitor the group outputs or the tape returns and route to the stereo mix bus, they can also be used as summing inputs if you are using a DAW and/or to introduced additional signals into the stereo bus

The main inputs are provided with Soundtracs' patented 4 band FdB EQ, this consists of 4 swept band with the 2 mids being able to be switched into the monitor path. The secondary inputs are fitted with Hi & Lo shelving and can also use the 2 mid sections on the main input.


There are 80 faders on the Solitaire all of which are automated, the 40 main faders are automated using motorized faders whereas the 40 secondary short faders are automated using VCAs, all the faders are controlled by the same integral Soundtracs Automation system which also controls the programmable muting. Fader levels can be continually updated and find tuned until you obtain the optimum mix. Current mixes are stored within the console, mixes can also be stored on a Midi enabled laptop using Midi Dump.


The 40 main inputs are each equipped with a Compressor, Noise Gates, Expanders with full control over attach and release times, thresholds, compression ratios etc.


There are 8 Aux buses plus 4 stereo FX returns which also have VCA automated faders, every input is equipped with pfl with a global In Place Solo switch. The master section contains the Motorized Stereo Mix Fader, plus the Assignable Dynamics controller and the Automation Controller plus control room and studio playback levels. The console also comes with a very comprehensive bantam patchbay. Apart from the microphone inputs which are XLR all the inputs and outputs are via Edac 56 way multiway connectors, the console comes with some looms but not a complete set. All Mic & Line inputs plus the buses are balanced providing superior audio specifications.