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SONY R7 (1000x515)
SONY R7 Rear (1000x559)
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Vintage Digital Reverberation Unit £250

Classic vintage reverb unit, part of the 1990's Sony Pro DPS range

It has 100 factory presets and room to store 256 user-created settings.

The front panel has a scroll knob, several buttons for programming, a green backlit LCD, a stereo input-level meter (nice!), a dual-concentric input knob (for separate left and right input levels), a dry output knob, an effect output knob, and a power button. The back panel has both +4 dBu XLR and -10 dBV 1/4'' left and right inputs and outputs, MIDI port, remote in and thru-puts, and a standard removable power cable.

Read the full manual on this link > SONY REVERB