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GRAMPIAN 666 Spring

Grampian 666 Spring
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1960's Reverb unit as used by Pete Townshend and Joe Meek. Down to £950

Grampian Ambiophonic Unit Type 666

ICONIC SPRING REVERB FROM THE 60's Used by Joe Meek, Pete Townshend and the BBC among others.

Audioease Say :

"There were different versions of the Grampian. Pete Townsend’s version strangely could run on batteries and included a balanced mic input. The strangeness or perhaps psychotropicicity continued with the naming of another version, The Grampian Ambiophonic Unit Type 666. This variation apparently was used in Local Radio Studios by the BBC as an affordable substitute for the EMT140 Plate."

A classic and very rare spring reverb unit all in very good fully working condition, all as pictured.
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