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EMT 251

EMT 251
EMT 251
EMT 251
EMT 251
EMT 251
Sales price
Vintage Digital Reverberation Serviced by Chris Roberts £4,000

The 350 series is the Reverb system that replaced the famous EMT 140 Echo plate, unlike the 140 it does not take up an extra room or need isolation, it is a floor standing unit which you can use in the control room however it still has the EMT sound but with a wider frequency band, it is also quiet electronically. Dimensions 55 x 30 x 88 cm high

This unit is in excellent condition and sounds great, the only fault is an error in the display which does not work, the display is not necessary to use the unit , everything is adjustable and clear you just have to use your ears instead of your eyes. I have seen these machines with a working screen for twice the asking price of this one.


Extracted from REVERB.COM

EMT 251 Digital Reverberation System
About 250 250’s were built, and they sold for about $20,000 each. I’m not sure whether EMT recouped their investment, but the machine was a huge milestone in recording technology that heralded a real turning of the corner for the audio industry. Within a few years, EMT had released the 251, a revised model with an LCD display and increased functionality. The 251 offered extended frequency response, additional parameter controls, more programs, and a remote control port in the same “sci-fi” package.



EMT 251 reverb

The EMT 251 is an early digital reverb and multi-effects unit introduced as a continuation of the highly revered model 250. ... These early digital units are considered some of the best sounding artificial reverb units ever made-quite a legacy for anything considered early digital technology.





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