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TRIDENT Series 65

Trident Series 65
Trident Series 65
Trident Series 65 24 x 16 x 16
Trident 65 Modules
Trident 65 Installed in a studio
Trident Series 65 patchbay
Sales price
Classic 1980's Console with Series 70 Group Modules SOLD to a customer in Italy


24 channels with direct outputs plus routing to :
16 Groups & Stereo Mix bus
Bantam Patchbay, 3 x 96 sockets

This console was originally supplied without a patchbay in a metal frame, a previous owner had it placed in a wooden frame and added a comprehensive patchbay and replaced some of the XLR sockets with 25 pin D/Sub connectors compatible with ProTools etc. 

This Great little console has been well looked after, always being serviced with high quality components such as Panasonic capacitors. The group section is made up of Trident Series 75 modules. Split mode console with 24 mic & line input modules plus 8 dual group output modules ( 16 groups ) plus 16 monitor inputs providing a total of 40 inputs plus a Master module with Mix and aux outputs

Upgraded mic Amps using 'THAT' Chips

Power supply recently recapped with Kemet capacitors.