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Soundtracs Quartz 32
Soundtracs Quartz 32
Soundtracs Quartz 32
Soundtracs Quartz 32
Soundtracs Quartz 32 Patchbay
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32 channel (64 inputs) In Line mixer REDUCED TO : £1,950

SPECIAL OFFER, £1,950. email for details 

The Soundtracs Quartz was a very popular console in the 1990's and preceded the Solitaire and Jade consoles. It is an In Line - fully modular console that has 24 sub-group buses plus 6 aux buses. Each channel has 4 band sweep EQ that can be split in sections between the Mic/Line channel and Group/Monitor input. There is also a phase reverse, mute, solo and pad on each channel. 

The console is fitted with 24 led meters for the group output / tape return plus 2 on the stereo output bus, these meters can also be used to measure the input level when one of the three stereo machine returns are being used. It comes with a stand and external power supply. 

The Quartz is a punchy mixer great for rock music, we sold one to producer Noel Ram who had great success with it, he later traded it in for a much more expensive Soundtracs Jade console which he said was no where as punchy as the Quartz, as he had 2 studios at the time, I think I am right in saying, he bought it back for his 2nd room. It was a long time ago and my memory is not what it was. 

This console has been serviced and is fully working available, at a bargain price, £1,950 

At the moment we can still deliver to most EC countries but confirm the price and our ability to deliver please send your post ( zip ) code to us.

There us no vat to be added to the price however if you live in the EC and buy it after the 1st January 2021 your government may add VAT on imports from the UK. 

Take care and stay safe.

Don Larking