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Soundtracs CP6800 Library Picture
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Analogue console, currently being serviced. Price £ 2,950

1980's Soundtracs Mixers. There were 3 models in the range, the CM440 was the first one followed by the CMX and the top of the range the CP6800, apart from the cosmetics the mixers were basically the same.

My claim to fame is that I was the sole UK distributor for Soundtracs between 1983 - 2000, and during this period I sold all of the analogue Soundtracs studio consoles in the UK. They were extremely well made and represented great value for money, ironically many of them were sold with Soundcraft analogue multitrack recorders which annoyed the Soundcraft directors some what as they wanted their consoles sold with their machines. During the 1980s we sold around 50 of this type of console in the UK.

This CP6800 has 32 mic / Line inputs, 12 output groups, 24 monitor returns, Stereo Mix output, 6 aux buses, full bantam patchbay and Digital Routing. A good analogue studio console at a very reasonable price 


Digital Routing how does it work ?

Simple : If you wish to route some channels to groups 1&2 for instance push the white destination button on the groups 1&2 module, the led will light, then select the white routing buttons on all of the channels that you wish to route to groups 1&2, pan left for group 1 and pan right for group 2. Continue doing this for the other groups until you have routed the channels that you are using at this point in the session. When you have finished hit the store button and this becomes patch number 1.  

To interrogate what channel is going to which group simply select the routing button on the groups that you wish to interrogate and the routing leds on the channels routed to the group will light up. Very simple. Channels can be programmed to switch into and out of effects by manually sequencing the patches, initially this could be done against SMPTE time code but unfortunately no more

This console will be ready mid January and will be available for £ 2,950 .