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SOUNDCRAFT 6000 Series

Sales price
1980's console. Price £1,750. More coming This one has been ordered but we have another one on the way

This is a traditional split style console with 48 input channels, 16 groups and 16 monitor inputs,
There are a total of 64 inputs available for mixing, it has 6 aux busses and also has a mute bus.
There is an on-board oscillator plus playback to control room and studio.
It also has in place solo and 4 band EQ on the channels.
HF / LF and 2 x swept Mids.
It is in good condition electronically and cosmetically.
Dimensions : 190 cm long x 87 cm deep
This console is for sale on its own for £ 1,750 or as part of a 1980's 24 track system comprising :
1 x 6000 console
1 Soundcraft 760 24 track 2" analogue tape recorder
1 Soundcraft full Remote & Autolocator
1 set of 3 x 5 metre long Edac to Edac leads ( Desk to Machine )  
List Price for Package £ 3,050 - SPECIAL OFFER £ 2,750 
This link will take you to the original manual for all the spec >