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Classic Recording Console. POA

This Calrec M Series is a fine console that was installed in Tony Arnold's studio and was last used to mix an album a few years ago.

It is a classic 1980's console with Lundahl transformers on the mic inputs and transformers on the group and aux outputs, it is in working condition but needs a service, it would benefit from being recapped but it is not immediately essential.

It could be used for track laying while it is being serviced but it could not comfortably be used for a big mix until it has been fully serviced.

In view of the work that is required we have set the price low enough to cover the work that needs doing to make it into a fully operational console.

There are 48 channels, 24 of which has a second input designed to monitor a multi-track recorder total 72 inputs, direct routing to the 24 outputs plus 8 groups and 8 aux buses. There are variable frequency high and low pass filters plus High & Low shelving that can both be switched to bell curves, the mid frequency band can be swept between 3.3 kHz to 15 kHz.

It comes is fitted with 3 x 96 way patchbays however Tony intended extending the patchbay and we can provide additional patchbays to allow it to be extended.


The console can be tried here in Bedford, it is a bit of a project but well worth the work and will allow you to obtain a classic console fopr a modest price.


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